Undergraduate Academic Affairs

December 14, 2010

UAA Service Awards for December 2010

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Congratulations and thank you!

Congratulations and thank you to these Undergraduate Academic Affairs employees who reached a milestone in their service to the University.

Five-Year Service Award

Becky Corriell
Program Manager, First Year Programs, Gateway Center

Andrea Gierlich
Program Assistant, Office of Educational Assessment

Julie Lancour
Academic Counselor, Robinson Center for Young Scholars

Megan McConnell
Academic Counselor, Undergraduate Advising, Gateway Center

Sharon Walker
Assistant Director for Advancement, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Ten-Year Service Award

Debbie Wiegand
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Twenty-Year Service Award

Marisa Blenman
Program Coordinator, Classroom Support Services

Thomas McFall
Media Engineer, Classroom Support Services

Thirty-Year Service Award

Nana Lowell
Director, Office of Educational Assessment

Thirty-Five-Year Service Award

Patrick Roberts
Associate Director, Classroom Support Services