Undergraduate Academic Affairs

March 24, 2009

2009 Distinguished Teaching Awards Announced

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

2009 Distinguished Teaching Awardees

The University of Washington takes on difficult tasks all the time. We tackle elusive research questions that lead to impactful discoveries, serve struggling communities here and around the world, and more.

Each year, the University recognizes a small group of teachers through Distinguished Teaching Awards. Distinguished teaching runs deep and wide here and it is no small matter to highlight a few and not a few hundred. Those nominated all represent good, dedicated teaching—the unifying core of the undergraduate experience.

With heartfelt congratulations to all nominated, we are delighted to recognize the 2009 Distinguished Teaching Awardees.

UW Seattle

  • Dr. Eugene Aisenberg, Social Work
  • Dr. Steve Herbert, Geography; Political Science
  • Dr. Dolphine Oda, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dr. Catrin Pittack, Biological Structure
  • Dr. John Webster, English

UW Bothell

  • Dr. Peter Littig, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

UW Tacoma

  • Dr. Janice Laasko, Social Work

Excellence in Teaching Award

  • Mr. Edmond Chang, English
  • Ms. Sachi Schmidt-Hori, Asian Languages and Literature

S. Sterling Munro Public Service Teaching Award

  • Dr. Kern Ewing, College of Forest Resources

James D. Clowes Award for the Advancement of Learning Communities

  • Dr. Tetsuden Kashima, American Ethnic Studies

In addition to the above-named teachers, the University will honor outstanding performance in mentoring, librarianship, public service and staff support. This U Week announcement includes all Universitywide awardees.

In all, the University will honor 23 individuals and one team of two this year as part of the annual Universitywide awards program. The awards honor outstanding performance in teaching, mentoring, librarianship, public service and staff support.

Congratulations to all faculty and staff nominated and recognized for their accomplishments and dedication!