Materials Reviewed by the Environmental Education Task Force

  1. Report of the UW Interdisciplinary Research Committee, 1992. (Mailed to TFEE 10/15/95.)

  2. Statement of R.T. Watson before the Committee on Science, Space and Technology, US House of Representatives, 11/93. (Mailed to TFEE 10/15/95.)

  3. Reshaping the Graduate Education of Scientists and Engineering, 1995. (Mailed to TFEE 10/15/95.)

  4. School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University, Academic Plan, March, 1995. (Mailed to TFEE 10/15/95.)

  5. School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University, Report to the Visiting Committee, 1994. (Mailed to TFEE 10/15/95.)

  6. UW Report of the Steering Committee for Global Change, 1992. (Mailed to TFEE 10/15/95.)

  7. University of California, Santa Barbara/Environmental Science and Management ad for four new faculty members, dated 10/25/95.

  8. Memo of 11/20/95 re: proposed Name change (Civil Engineering to Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering).

  9. Memo from Debra Friedman regarding course offerings in environmental studies, dated 12/5/95, 1995-96 List of Environmental Studies Course Offerings, 1994-95 List of Environmental Studies Course Offerings, and memo from Lindsay Michimoto (UG Advising Center) regarding suttees of current Environmental Studies majors. (Distributed at 12/5/95 TFEE Meeting.)

  10. Final report of the Program elimination review committee for the Institute for Environmental Studies of the University of Washington, dated 3/13/95. (Distributed at 12-5-95 TFEE meeting.)

  11. Bucknell Program in Environmental Studies position announcement of 10/23/95. (Distributed at 12/5/95 TFEE meeting.)

  12. Memo from Eric Smith on the Graduate Program in Environmental Anthropology at the University of Washington, dated 12/7/96. (Mailed to TFEE 12/18/96.)

  13. Changes in IES in the Past Couple Years, prepared by Karr and Roudybush(?), Spring, 1995. (Distributed at 1/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  14. Charge to Task Force revision of 1/3/96. (Distributed at 1/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  15. "Cluster"/Building Block memo, Miles. (Distributed at 1/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  16. IES Brochure. (Mailed to TFEE 12/18/96.)

  17. Environmental Studies: 2000 (An Overview of undergraduate, interdisciplinary environmental programs and the careers of their graduates), a booklet by The Environmental Careers Organization, 1995. (Mailed to TFEE 12/18/96.)

  18. Packet of information from Hallie Bahr. (Mailed to TFEE 12/18/96.)
  19. "Environmental Studies: Is it Academic?" by Holly Brough, 1992
  20. College Curriculum by Richard Wilke
  21. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay ES&P graduate program
  22. The Greening of the Humanities by Jay Parini
  23. University of Montana, Environmental Studies

  24. Earth Systems Science Presentation Material 1/11/96, Nowell.

  25. Memo from Lisa Dabek and Ellen Chu to Dr. McCormick, dated 11/10/95. (Mailed to TFEE 1/12/96.)

  26. Memo from Faye Dong and Lisa Dabek, dated 1/8/96 on Courses in the School of Fisheries curriculum related to Environmental Education. (rec'd from ed 1/17)

  27. Brochure on "Opportunities in Volcanology at the University of Washington." (Distributed at the 1/11/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  28. The Wallace Wheel. (Distributed at 1/11/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  29. Data on Environmental Courses at the University of Washington, Miles Report, dated 1/10/96. (Distributed at 1/11/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  30. Document from Gordon Orians, dated 1/10/96, entitled: The Future of Undergraduate Education in General and Environmental Studies in Particular at the University of Washington. (Mailed to TFEE 1/12/96.)

  31. Information from Ellen Chu and Lisa Dabek. (Mailed to TFEE 1/12/96.)
  32. "Raritan Letter Talking to Heinz" by David Ehrenfeld, Orion Winter 1995
  33. "Ecological Literacy" by David Orr, 1992
  34. Earth in Mind, Part One, by David Orr, 1994
  35. "On Becoming Earth Wise," by David Orr (book review)
  36. "The Greening of USC," 1995

  37. Memo describing UW Honors Program by R. Hennes. (Distributed at 1/18/96 Meeting.)

  38. Environmental Studies - A Possible Structure, by John Palka. (Distributed at 1/18/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  39. Earth Systems Science Presentation material by Nelson. (Distributed at 1/18/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  40. "Global Biogeochemical Cycles," Earth Systems Science presentation material from Bob Charlson. (Distributed at 1/18/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  41. The University of Washington Marine Bioremediation Program Brochure. (Distributed at 1/25/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  42. An Overview of the Marine Bioremediation Program and Recent Progress, ONR URI Site Visit 1995 presentation material by Jody Deming. (Distributed at 1/25/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  43. Presentation material from Bob Charlson. (Distributed at 1/11/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  44. Proposed Work Schedule for Task Force, dated 1/20/96.

  45. Memo from Amy Nothelfer of 1/25/96. (Mailed to TFEE 1/25/96.)

  46. Memo from James R. Karr regarding Minutes of 1/4/96 TFEE Meeting, dated 1/22/96. (Distributed at 1-25-96 TFEE Meeting.)

  47. "Several Administrative Issues Facing a Possible Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Education," by Ed Miles, dated 1/20/96. (Mailed to TFEE 1/22/96.)

  48. "Thoughts on Environmental Education at the University of Washington," by Robert L. Edmonds.

  49. Memos from Keith Benson received 1/24/96. (Distributed at 1/25/96 Meeting.)

  50. DRAFT Dimensions for Describing Environmental Studies Programs at Other Universities by Jan Sechrist, dated 1/29/96. (Distributed at 2-1-96 TFEE Meeting.)

  51. DRAFT of joint information brochure on Undergraduate Programs emphasizing Conservation Biology. (Distributed at 2-1-96 TFEE Meeting.)

  52. Memo regarding establishment of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Programs administrative structure for undergraduate degrees, dated 1/9/95 from Tim Washburn. (Distributed at 2-1-96 TFEE Meeting.)

  53. Community and Environmental Planning (CEP) Plumb Manual, 1995-96. (Distributed at 2-1-96 TFEE Meeting.)

  54. Conservation Biology Master's Degree Proposal, dated 4/11/951. (Mailed to TFEE 2/7/96.)

  55. Memo and information from Ellen Chu, dated 1/25/96. (Mailed to TFEE 2/7/96.)

  56. Information regarding UW Bothell's Liberal Studies concentration in Science, Technology and the Environment, dated 1/29/96. (Mailed to TFEE 2/7/96.)

  57. Statement for the Task Force on Environmental Education by Marc Hershman, Director, School of Marine Affairs. (Distributed at 2/8/96 TFEE meeting.)

  58. Forest Management and Engineering - Environmental Education. (Distributed at 2/8/96 TFEE meeting.)

  59. Urban Horticulture Division and Center for Urban Horticulture, College of Forest Resources - Environmental Education Activities. (Distributed at 2/8/96 TFEE meeting.)

  60. School of Fisheries Interdisciplinary Educational Activities. (Distributed at 2/8/96 TFEE meeting.)

  61. Letter from Jeffrey Richey and document regarding PRISM (Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model). (Distributed at 2/8/96 TFEE meeting.)

  62. Chair's Draft Proposal, Revision #1, dated 2/5/96. (Mailed to TFEE 2/9/96.)

  63. Two-page memo from Gardner Brown: "Catalytic Converter: A proposal to enhance interdisciplinary environmental research." (Mailed to TFEE 2/12/96.)

  64. Copy of viewgraph from Hinckley presentation of 2/8/96. (Mailed to TFEE 2/12/96.)

  65. Copy of 1996 Environmental Briefing Book prepared for the 1996 Washington State Legislative Session. (Mailed to TFEE 2/12/96.)

  66. Discussion paper prepared by Wallace, Nothelfer, Quay and Nelson. (Mailed to TFEE 2/12/96.)

  67. Letter from Karr dated 1/8/96. (Mailed by Karr to Task Force.)

  68. Memo and paper on "Environmental Engineering and Science" at UW by Mark Benjamin, dated 2/12/96. (Distributed at 2/15/96 TFEE meeting.)

  69. "A Proposal for an Undergraduate Geoscience Degree Program," by Dean A. McMannus, dated 1/16/96.

  70. Two-page memo from E. David Ford (QERM) on "Environmental Education at the UW and the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management," dated 2/4/96.

  71. Two-page memo from E. David Ford regarding organizational structure for Environmental Studies at the UW, dated 2/7/96.

  72. Memo from K. Wing: Data on Environmental courses at the UW, dated 1/10/96.

  73. Some Thoughts on Organizing Environmental Studies at the University of Washington by Chuck Treser, dated 2/15/96. (Distributed at 2/15/96 TFEE meeting)

  74. The Octopus and Eight Recommendations on Characteristics of an Environmental Studies (ENVS) "Center." (Distributed by M. Wallace at 2/15/96 TFEE meeting.)

  75. Letter from Provost Thorud, forwarding letter from Brewster Denny to Task Force. (Mailed to TFEE 2/27/96.)

  76. Comments from "Bill," School of Law, dated 2/20/096 on Chair's draft proposal, revision 1. (Mailed to TFEE 2/27/96.)

  77. Email message from Gil Omenn, dated 17 February. (Mailed to TFEE 2/27/96.)

  78. Email message from John R. Delaney, dated 14 February. (Mailed to TFEE 2/27/96.)

  79. Copy of letter to WEC regarding 2/28 meeting. (Mailed to TFEE 2/27/96.)

  80. Response to Chair's draft proposal, Revision 1, from Arthur Nowell, Director, School of Oceonography. (Distributed at 2-29-96 TFEE meeting.)

  81. Presentation on Environmental Education by Carol Jolly (Special Assistant to the Director, Department of Ecology), dated 2-28-96. (Distributed at 2-29-96 TFEE meeting.)

  82. Comments by Brian Boyle, "My Reflections based on twelve years as Washington State Lands Commissioner, dated 2-28-96. (Distributed at 2-29-96 TFEE meeting.)

  83. One-page summary of presentation on "Environmental Research and Education: Role of the Department of Environmental Health," and Graduate Program in Environmental Health brochure, distributed by Gerald Van Belle at 2-29-96 TFEE meeting.

  84. Comments on Chair's Draft, Rev #1, (no name). Begins with "You are off to..." (Mailed to TFEE 2-27-96.)

  85. Information on the Center for Streamside Studies, submitted by Bob Naiman. (Mailed to TFEE 3-4-96.)

  86. Proposal for Joint SMA- President's Task Force on Environmental Education Workshop. (Mailed to TFEE 3-14-96.)

  87. Memo from Richard Morrill, dated 3/5/96. (Mailed to TFEE 3-14-96.)

  88. Information regarding the Center for Environmental Studies at Williams College. (Mailed to TFEE 3-14-96.)

  89. A brochure describing plans for the Mary Gates Hall. (Mailed to TFEE 3-14-96.)

  90. "Going Public" draft status report by John Madison, Chuck Treser and Dennis Ryan. (Mailed to TFEE 4-1-96.)

  91. Letter from Edward C. Wolf of Ecotrust, dated 3/21/96 (Mailed to TFEE 4-1-96.)

  92. Letter from Joan A. Crooks, Executive Director of the Washington Environmental Council, dated 3/20/96. (Mailed to TFEE 4-1-96.)

  93. Packet on Environmental programs in other schools from Amy Nothelfer.
  94. UG: Huxley College of Env. Studies at WWU
  95. University of Vermont
  96. Dartmouth College
  97. St. Lawrence University
  98. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  99. University of California - Santa Barbara
  100. Grad: Bard College
  101. Ohio State University
  102. University of Oregon
  103. "Reshaping the Graduate Education of Scientists and Engineers" (Mailed to TFEE 12/95.)

  104. Draft University Weekly article (Distributed at 4/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  105. Revised version of Ten Recommendations by Mike Wallace (Distributed at 4/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  106. Memo from Margaret Gordon, Dean, Graduate School of Public Affairs, dated 3-27-96. (Distributed at 4/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  107. Article from Environmental Management Vol. 19, "FORUM Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection: A Perspective on Current Trends and Future Options for Universities," by John Lemons. (Distributed at 4/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  108. Material from the Washington Environmental WEIA Industry Association. (Distributed by WEIA guests at 4/4/96 TFEE Meeting.)

  109. Memo from Estella Leopold (Botany) to Johnny Palka, dated 2-29-96. (Distributed at 2/29/96 TFEE Meeting.)
  110. List of Current Degre Programs which could be configured to focus on environmental issues. (Distributed at 2/29/96 TFEE Meeting.)

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