The Charge to the President's Task Force on Environmental Education

University of Washington, Office of the President

On October 12, 1995, University of Washington President Richard L. McCormick appointed 21 faculty, students, and staff to a Task Force on Environmental Education (TFEE). In his letter charging the task force he posed the following questions:

  1. How can the UW best organize efforts to serve students and faculty who wish to study and learn about the environment?

  2. How can the UW best organize and combine opportunities for undergraduate education in environmental studies in a flexible and interdisciplinary way?

  3. Are we offering appropriate training the graduate level? Are there gaps which exist between departmental based programs, and if so, how can they best be filled?

  4. How can we eliminate barriers to effective interdiciplinary research and teaching and instead promote such relationships? What combination of structures and policies would be optimal?

  5. How can the UW best produce an integrated effort in response to national need, problems of the Pacific Northwest, the Pacific rim and the planet on environmental issues?

In giving the Task Force its mission, he encouraged the TFEE to think boldly and proceed creatively.

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