Center for Teaching and Learning

CTL Graduate School courses

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers several experiential courses for graduate students during the academic year.  Each evidence-based course encourages students to reflect and participate by engaging in active learning.

See below for course descriptions.

 RainyCampus_6 croppedWinter quarter 2018

GRDSCH 540 Hybrid Pedagogies: Using Technology in Teaching (2 credits) 

Students explore pedagogies and practices using technologies for promoting student learning through active engagement; designing and assessing online assignments; and teaching inclusively. Through a blend of face-to-face and online class meetings, students will experience and reflect on models of hybrid teaching. Credit/no-credit only.

Instructor: Calla Chancellor (

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Cherry blossoms on the UW Quad. Photo by Katherine B. Turner/ UWSpring quarter 2018

GRDSCH 515 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Frameworks and Practices (2 credits)

Designed for graduate students seeking to build knowledge and skills in effective teaching practices as a teaching assistant or independent instructor. Students will be introduced to fundamental pedagogical frameworks and practices applicable across the disciplines in: Course design, assessment, active learning strategies, teaching inclusively, and using technology effectively in teaching. (Credit/no-credit, Wed 1:30-3:20, GRB 100)

Instructor: Wei Zuo (

GRDSCH 550 Teaching in Global Classrooms: Strategies for Teaching International and Multilingual Students (1 credit)

Explores teaching and learning opportunities created by the increasing enrollment of international and multilingual students in US universities. Focuses on evidence-based teaching practices that leverage the diverse linguistic and cultural assets of global classrooms to enrich learning for all students. (Credit/no-credit, Th 2:30-3:20, MGH 058)

Instructor: Katie Malcolm (

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University of Washington class sitting on a lawn. Photo by Doug Plummer.Summer quarter 2018

GRDSCH 595 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: From Campus to Career (2 credits)

Offered online, GRDSCH 595 focuses on the development of teaching materials for academic job searches. Centers on developing engaging and comprehensive written materials that dovetail with research materials. Includes online group work, peer review, and mock interviews. Recommended for advanced graduate students, year 3 or beyond. Credit/no-credit only.

Instructor: Wei Zuo (

UW campus photo, Fall in the QuadAutumn quarter 2018

GRDSCH 501 Teaching Assistant Preparation (1 credit)

To receive credit, students must: (1) participate in a minimum of three sessions at the conference, and (2) successfully complete four interactive online assignments during autumn quarter.

This class aims to prepare students for TA roles at UW by focusing on five goals:

  • Welcoming new TAs to UW teaching, learning, and mentoring communities
  • Providing new TAs with specific strategies and practices that will support their work, including knowledge of UW policies and professionalism
  • Connecting new TAs to campus resources that support their work
  • Assisting new TAs in developing questions about norms, practices, and resources within their departments
  • Creating an opportunity for new TAs to reflect on their preparation for and experience being a TA