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Teaching award questions

What does a recipient of the teaching awards receive?

Generally, award recipients receive a $5,000 award.

How do I submit a nomination?

All nominations must be submitted online. The form is fairly simple to navigate. If you are unable to submit an online nomination, please contact the Teaching Awards Committee at

Who can nominate an instructor or graduate student?

Any individual affiliated with the University may nominate. This means current faculty, staff, and students not to mention alumni. However, it is ideal that alumni who do submit a nomination be a recent graduate and one who can attest to the nominee’s recent teaching experience. Direct association with the nominee’s department or work is not required.

If I submitted a nomination last year but he/she didn’t receive the award, may I resubmit the nomination?

Yes. However, you will need to complete a new online submission form. Nominations from previous years are not forwarded.

Is my nomination shared with the nominee or nominee’s department?

You have the option to check a box on the online nomination form as to whether or not to keep your information confidential. If for your example, you checked “yes,” your name will be forwarded to person making the request — this can be the nominee or a department colleague. If “no,” we will decline the request but mention your status (student, faculty, alumni, etc.). No other identifying information will be shared.

How many nominations may be submitted for any one individual?

There is no limit has to how many nominations are submitted for any one person. However, we do like to remind people that quantity is not a factor when it comes to the committee’s decision-making. We encourage the nominations to be descriptive, giving us insight as to how that individual embodies the nature of the award.

Do you grant nomination extensions?

No. Due to the timely process in which information is received and nominees are contacted, we are unable to grant extensions. The website will not accept nominations after the deadline. For additional questions, please contact the Teaching Awards Committee at