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University of Washington School of Nursing, Eleanor Bond Nursing class.Program will run again – Winter 2014
Please check back for details…

The Center for Teaching and Learning piloted a Spring 2013 program centered around open classrooms.  Select faculty and graduate students were invited to observe a colleague over the course of a quarter.  Those instructors being observed are engaging and accomplished peers whose course is taught around a number of concepts and strategies such as teaching with technology, large class instruction, small group discussion, and cased-based teaching just to name a few.

This pilot was intended to increase collegiality within the UW instructional community; introduce colleagues to resources and opportunities for support; help colleagues to further develop a concept they intend to implement in their teaching.  It is important to note that this was not a collegial review but rather meant to be an opportunity for a peer to see for him or herself what others are doing to innovate their course and keep their students engaged.

After the observation period, all who participated got together for a friendly conversation about teaching techniques and approaches.  This was a discussion about ideas, spurred by the shared experiences.  The pilot program was a successful opportunity to share philosophies, ideas, assumptions that spurred collaborations, mentorships, and cross-disciplinary work.

The program will run again in 2014. Please check back for details. 

For any questions, contact Christine Sugatan ( or 206-221-3811).

Spring 2013 Observation Opportunities

Each classroom session is limited to two (2) participants at any given time.  Access the link below the instructors name for course details, open classroom period, and more.

For UW Graduate Students

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