Center for Teaching and Learning

Theater for Change UW

Using interactive and participatory theater to advance community dialogue and address issues related to classroom and institutional climate. 

A group of five ITPP actors performing part of a play.Theater for Change UW (TfC UW) uses Theater of the Oppressed and other participatory theater approaches to:

  • Promote the co-creation of inclusive teaching and learning environments.
  • Generate and rehearse a variety of responses to challenging situations related to inequity, institutional climate, and interpersonal miscommunication.
  • Advance dialogue among faculty, students, staff educators, and administrators about issues of power, privilege, and oppression that affect us all.
  • Promote performance pedagogies (i.e., active learning and multi-modal pedagogical approaches) in educational settings.

TfC UW is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning and Memory War Theater, a Seattle-based theater company devoted to personal and community transformation through performing arts, partnerships and education.  Since 2012, TfC UW has engaged hundreds of audience members in intersectional, critical dialogue on issues such as White Privilege, Racism, Heterosexism, Policed Bodies, Socioeconomic Classism, Ableism, and Microaggressions.

*Theater for Change UW was formerly the Interactive Theater As Pedagogy Project (from 2012-2016)