Center for Teaching and Learning

Evidence-Based Teaching

Evidence-based teaching is a key program within the Teaching & Learning initiative, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Center for Teaching & Learning and UW-IT.

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Improved teaching and student learning outcomes
  • Expedited support from the Center for Teaching & Learning and UW-IT, Learning Technologies
  • Mentorship from faculty across campus who are implementing best practices into their own teaching and contributing to research on teaching
  • Community of peers invested in improving their own teaching and supporting one another
  • Recognition from the provost for your efforts in this program
  • Opportunities to advance as a leader in teaching and learning at the University of Washington

How does the evidence-based teaching program work?

It’s a two-phase approach: faculty members join the program and can move from one phase to another after one or more quarters.

  • Exploration Phase: faculty members join the program and explore the current research on best teaching practices and visit other faculty members’ classes to conduct peer observation. In this phase, members develop their course redesigns and/or research on teaching projects.
  • Implementation Phase: faculty members receive support while they are implementing their course redesign or conducting research

What is expected of a member?

    • Attend biweekly one-hour meetings
    • Conduct four peer observations per quarter
    • Participate in online discuss boards

Engagement and impact graphic
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