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warp speedenLightning Talks:
May 13, 2014

Join the CTL and UW-IT for 5-minute lightning talks presented by 6 Technology Teaching Fellows who transformed traditional courses to hybrid or online courses.  Faculty members from Chemistry, Philosophy, Earth and Space Sciences, Education, American Indian Studies, and the College of the Environment will describe, at warp speed, some of the techniques that transformed their courses.

Funded by the Office of the Provost, the Technology Teaching Institute received support from the Center for Teaching and Learning and UW-IT Academic Services so that Fellows could re-invent courses and collaborate across disciplines.

This event is sponsored by:  Office of the Provost, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and UW-IT Academic Services.

enLightning Presenters and Topics

Presenter:  AJ Boydston, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Topic:  “Leveraging Online Resources to Enhance Face-Time Value: A Hybrid Introductory Organic Chemistry Course”

Presenter:  Mike Brown, Professor, Department of Earth and Space Sciences
Topic:  “Hand’s-on Geology – Using Technology to Increase Face Time with Rocks”

Presenter:  Lynn Hankinson Nelson, Professor, Department of Philosophy
Topic:  “Well, this sure is different! Engaging philosophy and students in a hybrid course and ALC!”

Presenter:  Rob Harrison, Professor, Department of Environmental and Forest Sciences
Topic:  “Technological aids and approaches for teaching a large writing-intensive course online in environmental science”

Presenter:  Dian Million, Associate Professor, Department of American Indian Studies
Topic:  “Circles within circles:  Building Dialogic Communities in a Hybrid American Indian Studies Classroom”

Presenter:  Scott Spaulding, Research Scientist, Center for Applied Research and Training in Education
Topic:  “When chatting in class is okay: Leveraging technology features of synchronous learning tools”