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Center for Teaching and Learning

Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Excellence in Teaching Awards were created to recognize the contributions of graduate student instructors to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Graduate instructors enrich the classroom through meaningful and creative teaching approaches.


Current graduate teaching assistants or graduate instructors from the University of Washington Seattle campus are eligible. Two recipients are selected with each nomination subject to verification.


Nominees should exemplify the following:

  • Demonstrate extraordinary effectiveness as a UW instructor
  • Extensive knowledge and mastery of the subject matter
  • Effectiveness at engaging students, closing gaps between teaching and learning, and supporting student success
  • Innovation in course and curriculum design
  • Ability to inspire, guide, and mentor students through independent and creative thinking
  • Service as a mentor, collaborator and consultant to other teaching assistants and students by helping to enrich the scholarship of teaching and learning

Excellence in Teaching Awards recipients will contribute to communities of practice at the UW by leading and facilitating, with the support of the Center for Teaching and Learning, campus-wide opportunities for colleagues.

Additional awards information

Self-nominations for any of the above listed awards will not be accepted. Individuals may not be nominated for more than one award. The committee will use discretion if an individual is nominated for two concurrent awards and will move the nomination to the appropriate award category based on their best judgment. Additionally, if a nominee meets and exemplifies the criteria for an award other than the one he/she was nominated for, the committee will use clear and concise judgment in deciding to move or not to move the individual’s nomination to a more suitable award category.

All submissions will be verified to confirm that individuals are active members of the University of Washington. Hard copy nominations are not accepted and considered ineligible. Previous recipients are also ineligible.