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Center for Teaching and Learning

How to submit supporting materials

To submit a complete file, each package must contain the Nomination Summary Form, checklist, and supporting materials.  Select from the appropriate checklists* below.  Compile, print, and send all paperwork as one PDF to  Complete files will include all required materials.  Hard copies will not be accepted.

*Depending on the browser, items may need to be downloaded prior to filling out.

Nominees can enlist the assistance of a colleague in gathering documents.  Files must be received by Friday, January 13, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.  Late files will not be accepted.

Keep in mind the following

  • By “current” student, one who can attest to the recent activity in the classroom that exemplifies the nominee (typically within the last year).  A student who took the course 2 or more years ago may not be able to accurately recall the experience.
  • Recent alumni are eligible to provide a letter of support so long as he or she was a previous student of the instructor.
  • Media such as DVDs and CDs will not be accepted under the “Evidence of Excellence.”
  • The committee will not accept any individually submitted items not included in the file.  Only completed files will be accepted and reviewed.

Questions may be sent to or by contacting Christine Sugatan at 206-221-3811.