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Managing Relationships

Friends and Family

While you are away, your friends and family will want to keep in touch with you. Managing communication expectations early with your loved ones will pay off during and after the program abroad. Be sure to tell your loved ones how often they can expect to hear from you and how often you will be available to talk with them. Before you leave, be sure to share your travel information and anticipated arrival time so your family and friends have an idea of when you will first be available to confirm your safe arrival.

In Country

Mexican marketBecoming romantically involved in an international context, whether with someone of another culture or your own, has a specific set of complications to consider. If you choose to date while you are away from home, you may find some of the following links useful. You may also want to research common sexually transmitted infection rates and types in your destination site. You can find STIs in every part of the world, but you may not be able to find condoms. Arm yourself with knowledge and be prepared.

Online Resources

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Sexual Health Abroad

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