Study Abroad

Inbound Student Process

Although the partner university conducts their own initial application and selection process, inbound exchange students must submit application forms and documents by the appropriate deadlines in order to be officially admitted to the University of Washington and to have their tuition paid.  Once admitted, the admissions office (either graduate or undergraduate) will issue the DS-2019 (the certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor J-1 status) and other relevant acceptance items in order for students to set up their UW NetIDs.

Department Nomination

The application process for incoming departmental exchange students begins with the department nomination. After accepting a nominee from a partner institution, you must complete the Departmental Nomination Form and send UW Study Abroad the scanned passport identification page for each nominated student. Upon receipt of both of these items, an electronic application will be created for the inbound student.

Note: There is a $80 application fee for each undergraduate application that the UW Study Abroad office will cover on behalf of the student. Visiting Graduates will be asked to put in credit card information when creating their online application through the Graduate School portal. Once the visiting graduate student is on campus, the student will be reimbursed for this application fee through their MyUW account.

For more information about the inbound student application process visit our Application page. Many additional details about what exchange students can expect may be found on our Academics and Practical Matters pages.


To ensure that students are admitted, receive their immigration documents, and have their tuition paid on time, nominations must be received by the deadlines listed below:

•        For exchange students beginning summer/autumn quarter:  March 1st

•        For exchange students beginning winter/spring quarter(s):  August 1st