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Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Credit/No Credit


    Some courses are offered by the faculty on a Credit/No-Credit only (CR/NC-only) basis. No student can take a CR/NC-only class for a regular grade. The instructor assigns a grade of either "CR" or "NC," neither of which is calculated into the student's grade-point average. Whether or not the student receives credit, however, the course and the grade ("CR" or "NC") are recorded on the transcript.

Some instructors may assign numerical grades to papers, exams, etc. during the quarter, but there is no University minimum in such cases for a numerical grade to be converted to CR. The instructor determines the minimum standards for CR, and submits either a CR or a NC grade.

Although courses taken under the elective pass/fail system, Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory, cannot be counted toward graduation requirements, there is no such restriction on CR/NC courses. There are also no restrictions on the number of CR/NC credits that can be taken in a single quarter, or the total number of CR/NC courses that can be counted toward a bachelor's degree.

For information on CR/NC and professional schools and high scholarship recognition see Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory.


Credit/No-Credit option

    A Credit/Non-Credit (CR/NC) option for undergraduate students was in effect from autumn 1972 through spring 1980. Students who chose the CR/NC program took all their classes on a Credit/No-Credit basis for as long as they remained in the program.