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Adviser Information File
Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Credit Limit per Quarter



Students are limited to a maximum of 19 credits during Period 1 and 2 registration.

The intent of the limit is to make registration fairer for the students whose priority requires them to register last. No student will be able to sign up for a heavy credit load until everyone has had a chance to request a normal load.

The 19-credit limit does not include self-sustaining courses, UW Educational Outreach courses that have a separate fee and are not covered by tuition. Self-sustaining courses include UW Extension, UW online learning (DL and C), the Academic English Program (ENGL 100 and 101 ESL courses), and Early Fall Start. A student may enroll in 19 credits plus any number of these credits.

MATH 098 is also not included in the 19-credit limit, because it is a zero-credit course.


Starting on the first day of the quarter, any student may add courses up to a limit of 30 credits.

No special permission is required. Additional tuition is charged for each credit over 18.

The 30-credit limit does not include self-sustaining courses or MATH 098; see above.