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Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Types of credit

The chart below indicates how different types of credit count toward the matriculation and residence requirements, and which credits are included in the UW GPA. A matriculated undergraduate student is one who has been admitted to a UW school or college as a premajor or a declared major.

 counts as matriculated credit (if taken after student matriculates)included in UW GPAcounts as residence credit at the campus granting the degree
Regular courses (excluding DL-prefix) offered at the student's home campusyesyesyes
Courses taken at a UW campus other than the one granting the degree (Seattle, Bothell, Tacoma)yesyesno
Foreign study recorded as UW credityesyesyes
Foreign study recorded as transfer creditnonono
* Credit courses offered by UW Extension, taken by a matriculated student in good academic standingyesyesyes
C-prefix distance learning (no longer offered)yesnono
DL-prefix distance learningyesyesno
UW courses taken as a nonmatriculated student (i.e., before the student matriculates)noyes, except C-prefix distance learning and College in the High Schoolyes
** UW-sponsored College in the High Schoolnonono
Transfer coursesnonono
*** Extensionnonono

* Credit courses offered by UW Extension (formerly TA, TB, etc. sections). Does not include C-prefix (no longer offered) or DL-prefix distance learning, or College in the High School.

** UW-sponsored College in the High School is administered by UW Extension. UW also accepts College in the High School from other colleges, as long as the coursework is submitted on a college transcript and meets our regular transfer credit restrictions. While UW-sponsored College in the High School is recorded on the UW transcript as extension credit, College in the High School sponsored by other colleges may be recorded either as extension credit or as transfer credit.

*** Includes AP and International Baccalaureate, advanced placement, credit-by-exam, College in the High School, Armed Forces Training School, and all transfer extension.