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Click on SLN for complete section details including the current enrollment status and registration restrictions.

If a course has enforced prerequisites, it will say so on the right-hand portion of the title bar; prerequisites are listed in the course catalog. (click on title to display). Some prerequisite courses indicate (cancellation in effect). Students currently registered in prerequisite courses must meet a minimum grade in order to remain registered in this section. Students who register while currently taking a prerequisite course and then do not meet the minimum grade or who withdraw after registration has occurred, will be cancelled from the course whose prerequisites were not fulfilled. Cancellation occurs Monday following the last day of final examinations, with a second cancellation on the third day of the quarter.

General education and basic skills requirements are listed after the course title. For additional information visit the general education and basic skills requirements web page.

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For distance, online, or remote-learning sections:

This listing of courses is provided for planning purposes. The University reserves the right to:
  1. add or delete courses from its offerings
  2. change times, days, or locations of courses
  3. change academic calendars, or
  4. cancel any courses for insufficient registration or academic/administrative decision with out notice

All announcements in the Time Schedule are subject to change without notice and do not constitute an agreement between the University of Washington and the student.

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