Medical Student Applicants

If students are new residents of Washington, our policy for reviewing residency for applicants to the School of Medicine is this:

If students have met Washington State residency criteria for 6 full months prior to the application to the School of Medicine, and there is sufficient documentation to suggest that they will continue to meet residency criteria up to the time they enroll at the University of Washington, we can consider them to be residents for admission purposes to the School of Medicine.

  • Complete and print the Residence Questionnaire PDF.
  • Return the completed original Residence Questionnaire (we cannot accept a photocopy or a fax) to our office along with supporting documentation.
  • Review takes approximately two weeks. Our staff will contact the students if more information is needed.

Current residents of Washington who are attending school out-of-state, click this link: WA residents absent from state and follow the guidelines on this page.