EARS Help: Transfer Credit Tab

The transfer credit tab displays the UW course equivalencies for courses students have transferred from other colleges and universities. For advisers familiar with the Student Database screens, this tab displays an enhanced version of the SRF330 screen.

Advisers can use this page as they currently do the SRF330 screen; that is, all advisers are able to flag courses for general education requirements and department advisers are able to adjust the articulation of transfer courses in their department prefixes.

Transfer Summary

When you first arrive at the Transfer Credit page, you will see the Transfer Summary. It lists the schools from which this student has transfer credit. To the left of each school name are two columns: Transfer Transcript and Evaluated Courses. From those available, select the type of transcript you want to see, and it will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Some institution names may be followed by "*Evaluation in Progress." In these cases, the finalized Evaluated Courses report may not be available until Admissions has completed their evaluation. In some cases, courses that had previously been evaluated would be subject to change pending the in-progress evaluation. For example, if the 1st part of a course sequence has already been evaluated, and later the 2nd part transfers in, the reevaluation could result in a change in the final UW equivalency.

Transfer Transcript

If a Transfer Transcript is available, a "select" button will appear in this column. If selected, it will display the transcript information from that institution in chronological order. This information is available only from Washington community colleges because those transcripts are received electronically.

The Transfer Transcript can be useful when you're working with a student whose transcript has arrived but has not yet been evaluated by Admissions. Although the transfer classes have not yet been added in other places in the Student Database and EARS, you can view the raw community college transcript here. In these cases, the Transfer Transcript button appears and the Evaluated Courses button does not appear.

For some students with Washington state community college credits a Transfer Transcript will not be available. This could be either because the student brought in a paper transcript or because the transcript was entered into the UW system manually.

Evaluated Courses

If an Evaluated Courses report is available, a "select" button will appear in this column. If selected, it will display the transcript information from that institution in nearly alphabetical order (see "Reading the Evaluated Courses report" below).

Reading the Evaluated Courses report

Courses are listed in the alphabetical order of the transfer transcript. Because the UW department name may be different, the UW equivalent may not be in alphabetical order.

When courses appear in alternating lavender and white it means that the transfer articulation computer program automatically determined the UW equivalencies for the transfer courses. Again, this will only happen for Washington state community colleges for which the transcripts were received electronically. The original community college course is displayed on the left-hand side and its UW equivalent is displayed on the right-hand side. Listings alternate lavender-white so it's easier to see which transfer course articulates to which UW equivalent. Also, the appropriate color extends for as many rows as it takes to represent the course. For example, PHYS 114 from Bellevue College comes in as PHYS 1XX(1), PHYS 114(4), and PHYS 117(1), so the white color extends for all three lines to show that these courses are all connected.

When courses appear in yellow it means that the courses are either:

The important thing to note about the courses in yellow is that if there is a course on the left and the right in the same row, the course on the left is not equivalent to the course on the right. They are unrelated and just happen to be using the same line on the screen. This is an unintentional quirk of the way the articulation system evaluates Washington state community college courses, and we hope this will be corrected in future updates of EARS. Be assured it is only a display issue; the course on the right did indeed transfer in for credit and you can see it elsewhere (e.g., unofficial transcript, DARS, SDB's SRF330 screen) if you need to verify.

Printing from the Transfer Credit Tab

For some printers you will have to adjust your page setup to "landscape" in order to print all of the information on the screen.