EARS Help: Locator Tab

On the Locator tab you can enter a name (in a field near the bottom of the screen) or student number (in a field near the top of the screen) in order to locate a particular student's record.

Entering a Student Number

When you enter a student number and click "go", the system will display a line of information about that student (see below). Clicking 'select' will take you directly to the Overview tab for that student. If the student number has a leading zero, it must be included.

Entering a Student Name

When you enter a name in the Name Locator box and click "go", the system will display 40 student names beginning with the name you submitted. The system accepts full or partial names, and is not case-sensitive (i.e., the names can be uppercase or lowercase). For example, if you are looking for "Robert Smith", you could enter "smith,ro" and your student would likely appear within the 40 names that are displayed.

If the name you are looking for does not appear in the first 40 names, click "Next" at the bottom right to display the next 40 names, beginning with the last one on the current screen. When you find the student you are looking for, click the 'select' and you will go to the Overview tab for that student.

Limiting Your Search

You have several options for what types of students to include in your search. These are controlled by the checkboxes beneath the Name Locator box. You may include only admitted students, only applicants, or both. Within admitted students, you may choose to include only currently enrolled students, only students not currently enrolled, or all students.

Using the Clear All button

The Clear All button appears to the far right within the dark gray Name Locator bar. This button erases all student data from the screen in order to prevent incidental viewing of student information by other students or other unauthorized people in the vicinity of your screen.

Information Displayed

When you enter a student name, several columns of information will be displayed in the Student Roster box.