The Electronic Academic Records System, EARS, is a tool that provides a Web interface to student database information most often used by advisers and administrative staff. It includes the following tabs:

How to log into the Electronic Academic Records System

Only advisers and academic staff who have been trained in and authorized for its use may login to EARS.

Need access to EARS?

To login, you'll need your UW NetID, UW NetID password, and Entrust Token. Please note that the password you need for EARS is the one that goes with your UW NetID (i.e., the one you use for logging into your email account, etc.), NOT the one you use for logging into the Student Database screens.

Once you login to EARS, your session will stay active for 8 hours or until you close all browser windows. So, you should only have to enter your SecurID once per day. However, access to any particular student will be lost after 20 minutes of inactivity (i.e., if you don't click anything in EARS); you won't have to log back in, but you will have to re-enter the student number or name to recover that student's information.

Using the Electronic Academic Records System

When you login to the Electronic Academic Records System, it will always open to the Locator tab. Once you have located a student, you may switch between tabs and continue viewing that student's record. If you would like to view the same tab for a number of different students (e.g., you want to print transcripts for 5 students), you do not have to return to the Locator screen; simply enter each student number in the field near the top of the screen and click "go."

For more detailed use information about each tab, please click the links above. Within the Electronic Academic Records System screens themselves, you will also find individual help buttons for explanations of specific data fields.

If you have questions that are not covered here, please contact the Office of the Registrar (registra@u.washington.edu).