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Stephen J Ross
Tacoma Campus

Judgment and Decision-Making

Examines current models and empirical research on human information processing in judgment and decision making. Includes both normative and descriptive theories of decision making with a focus on decision making under risk and uncertainty. Prerequisite: either TPSYCH 101 or PSYCH 101; either TMATH 110, T HLTH 305, TSOCWF 351, STAT 220, or STAT 311.

Class description

This course will introduce students to the major theoretical perspectives of human judgment and decision-making (JDM). Although the course will include a discussion of normative models which propose ways to improve or even replace human decision-making, the course will primarily focus on descriptive theories of how humans go about making decisions under situations of risk, uncertainty, or ambiguity. More specifically, the course will cover 1.) how we synthesize information and use that information to make decisions, 2.) how “good” are the decisions that we make and how rationale are the cognitive processes that influence our decisions, and 3.) what biases influence our decisions and how can we go about improving our decision-making.

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