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Si-Chi Chin
T INST 490
Tacoma Campus

Special Topics in Applied Computing

Examines current topics and issues in applied computing.

Class description

Healthcare Informatics I (Term A) introduces students to the acquisition, use, and storage of information in machine readable form and how information is used in healthcare, pub- lic health, biomedical research, and clinical research. The course teaches students essential skills necessary for understanding and developing usable database systems to support various facets of the health care system. The course also covers the background, history, and issues to the main applications of information technology, including electronic health records, personal health records, information retrieval, and telemedicine. The interdisciplinary course considers the view- points of information technology from medicine, computer science, nursing, public health, and patients/consumers.

Healthcare Informatics II (Term B) provides a foundation for analyzing healthcare data to enhance the outcomes in health care system, providing an overview of machine learning, data mining and statistical techniques that arise in healthcare data analytic applications. The course introduces students to understand of the different types of healthcare data, various analytical approaches, and application of these approaches to solve problems in healthcare, public health, biomedical research, and clinical research. The course teaches students to understanding, critically evaluating, conducting, and writing about analyses in healthcare-related disciplines. Students will learn basic visualization design, evaluation principles, and techniques for visualizing various types of data (e.g. multivariate, temporal, geospatial, and network/graph-based data). Students will gain computational skills and have hands-on experience with R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

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Date: 06/17/2013