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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Emily Curtis
T ANTH 480
Tacoma Campus

Linguistics Method and Theory

Examines major linguistics theories in phonology, syntax and semantics, linguistics analysis and argumentation.

Class description

What you know about Language could change your life – or at least your communication and how you think about Language. So what is language? What are the “atoms” of language and patterns and structures that transmit meaning? What is meaning? How do we learn a language? How are languages different – and yet fundamentally the same? In this course, we will explore the bits and pieces that make up language. We will do readings, lectures, class discussion, homework and tests that include hands-on analysis of language data from a variety of languages at each of the various levels (sounds, words, sentences). We will also look briefly at acquisition and also socio-linguistic and historical perspectives on language

Student learning goals

Be aware, cognizant, and appreciative of language processes and concepts

Have a deep understanding of the complexity and organization of Human Language, including the individual, personal nature of language use and identity and language acquisition

Think objectively about language, knowing that all languages are equally good, functional and complex while recognizing that linguistic prejudices are powerful in society

Understand language structure well enough to identify language areas involved in errors, tasks, issues, or questions of interest and have some ideas of how to research or think more deeply about them

General method of instruction

Lecture and discussion, readings, homework, quizzes, projects, presentations.

Recommended preparation

An open mind and willingness to think about language and your language experiences.

Class assignments and grading

Discussion, reading reflections, portfolio, homework exercises, quizzes, projects, presentations.

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