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Michelle Habell-Pallan
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in Women Studies

Exploration of specific problems and issues relevant to the study of women. Offered by visiting or resident faculty members. Primarily for upper-division and graduate students.

Class description

"LATINA/O THEATER AND PERFORMANCE ART: Feeling Brown in the 'post-racial' era."

"I think I shall never see, any Chicano(a)s on TV. It seems as though we don't exist, and we're not even missed. And yet we buy their wares, but no Chicano(a)s anywhere." Culture Clash peformance group quoting Lalo Guerrero's song "No Chicanos on TV"

Humor, irony, satire, and sarcasm have been used by Latina/o artistic communities to grapple with serious social issues. Using humor in its various modes will provide an entry into the contextual, theoretical, thematic, and formal dimensions of U.S.Latina and Latino Theater in the contemporary period. Performances and play scripts are examined as a way of analyzing innovations in form, language, and content produced by Chicano/Latino teatro/theater and performance art. We will discuss how issues of gender, sexuality, feminism, race, class, immigration, and cultural politics are expressed through these art forms. Students will participate in the reading of plays other peformative forms. In addition, playwrights and performers are scheduled to visit the class. Assigned peformers include: Culture Clash, Luis Alfaro, Cherrie Moraga (queer Latina theater), and more.

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Date: 11/14/2008