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Mark H. Purcell
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Urbanization: Planning and Designing Alternative Urban Futures

Introduces how cities work and explores alternative ways of planning and designing urban futures. Explores the economic, cultural, political, and social aspects of cities and how we might change them for the better. Also examines numerous case studies from the Global North and South.

Class description

This course introduces you to cities. What are cities? Where do they come from? How do they work? Why are they important? And how can they be better? In answering these questions, we will explore the spatial, economic, cultural, political, and social aspects of cities, as well as the relations among them. We will also examine case studies drawn from both the Global North and South that will help ground our discussions in real world applications. Class sessions will mostly involve interactive lectures. Outside class, the primary work will be reading selected texts and writing response papers. There will also be a midterm and a final exam. Lastly, you will explore course ideas in a concrete context through a urban studio project.

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Date: 03/22/2012