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Patricia A Dowden
Seattle Campus

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Foundations

Overview of evaluation and intervention for children and adults with severe congenital speech and language impairments, with primary emphasis on individuals with congenital impairments. Overview of the features of multi-modal strategies, including output, selection set, access, and rate enhancement. Prerequisite: graduate SPHSC, REHAB, or EDSPE students, or permission of instructor. Offered: S.

Class description

This 4 credit course is a graduate course in the Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences. The course focuses on evaluation and intervention strategies for individuals with severe communication impairments. We will cover the full range of multi-modal communication strategies, including high technology devices as well as low technology books, boards and picture exchange. Students will be introduced to all types of AAC users in lectures, readings, labs and projects.

Student learning goals

Describe the full range of communication modalities, from gestures to high technology options

Evaluate communication devices for critical features

Explain the clinical considerations for decision-making with AAC strategies

Differentiate between emerging, context-dependent and independent communicators

Explain the difference in evaluation procedures for different types of communicators

Plan intervention for clients who require alternative communication

General method of instruction

Lectures, in class labs, and independent and group assignments

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

See Syllabus

See Syllabus

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