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Anna B. Witte
SPAN 408
Seattle Campus

Spanish Translation Workshop

Intensive practice in translation to and from Spanish. Texts include literary prose, poetry, expository writing, newspaper and magazine articles. Problems of standard versus colloquial language, transposition of cultural references, concept of fidelity in translation. Prerequisite: either SPAN 303, SPAN 316, or SPAN 330; either SPAN 323, LING 200, or LING 400; recommended: SPAN 406.

Class description

Description: This course is designed to provide an introduction to the theory and practice of Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation. The bulk of the coursework consists of intense translation practice, both from and into Spanish. The course will familiarize the student with the fundamental issues the translator encounters in the translation of texts like news articles, business correspondence, promotional materials, medical and legal texts. The main focus of our translation work will however be on literary translation.

Student outcomes: At the end of this course students will • develop the conceptual bases required to understand both the principles and recurrent issues and difficulties in professional translation and interpreting, • develop an understanding of the fundamental communication issues in translation and interpretation • develop translation and interpreting strategies and tactics • understand sources of errors in translation

In addition, students will: • build oral proficiency • expand and perfect knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structures • improve reading and writing skills • develop critical thinking abilities, and • increase awareness and understanding of Hispanic culture.

Required text: Louise Haywood, Michael Thompson, Sαndor Hervey. Thinking Spanish Translation: A Course in Translation Method: Spanish to English (Thinking Translation) [Paperback] Routledge 2009.

A very good dictionary (Collins Spanish Dictionary or equivalent!!) to be used both at home and in the classroom. (In class no digital devices will be used)

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 11/26/2012