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Amy Spring
SOC 365
Seattle Campus

Urban Community

Comparative and analytic study of organization and activities of urban groups.

Class description

In the age of globalization and increasing technology, do local communities and neighborhoods still matter? In this course, we will explore this question and evaluate perspectives on both sides of the community debate. We will explore patterns of neighborhood differentiation and urban spatial inequality, and discuss whether and why neighborhoods affect the lives and livelihoods of individual residents. We will draw on different sociological perspectives to explain why neighborhood inequalities arise. We will also discuss how community-level processes, including social disorganization and collective efficacy, intervene to affect outcomes for neighborhoods and residents. Finally, we will discuss some of the threats to community life, including residential segregation, concentrated poverty, and urban sprawl, as well as some of the facilitators of stronger communities, including walkability and public space.

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Date: 04/19/2013