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Jorge Martinez
SOC 362
Seattle Campus

Race Relations

Interracial contacts and conflicts.

Class description

This course provides students with an overview of various social science perspectives on race and ethnicity. Students explore a range of definitions and understandings associated with race and ethnicity and the construction of identities. Students also examine how these concepts are used, manipulated, and applied to influence the different life chances of individuals and groups. The goal of this course is to help students develop a more thorough understanding of the various dynamics of race and ethnicity in American society and the world. Students develop insight into the definition, meaning, power, and limits of race and ethnicity in American society. Ultimately, students are expected to critically evaluate the concepts of race and ethnicity and recognize points where race intersects with other important identities (i.e. gender, class, age, education, justice, politics). Topics covered: Theories of Prejudice, Racism, and Discrimination; Measuring Discrimination; Affirmative Action; Intergroup Contact; Immigration and Assimilation; Whiteness and Privilege; Politics; Crime and Criminal Justice; Poverty, Work, and Social Welfare; Health, Education, and Family.

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