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Andrew Nestingen
Seattle Campus

Contemporary Literary Theory

Contemporary literary theory and its application to Scandinavian texts. Prerequisite: graduate student standing or permission of instructor.

Class description


Where does violence come from, and how has it been accounted for? SCAND 504/CLIT 510B/ENGL 510B explores these questions in three methodological frameworks, psychoanalysis, Marxism, and affect theory. The course will move from studying canonical accounts of violence in each of these framework to critiques of such accounts. It also examines the cultural and historical contingency of violence. Authors read include Sara Ahmed, Hannah Arendt, Walter Benjamin, Franz Fanon, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Raymond Williams. The course is designed to coordinate with SCAND 508: Scandinavian Prose, which is also offered during Wtr. 2013, taught by Prof. Marianne Stecher-Hansen. Students are encouraged to register for both courses.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Seminar discussion

Recommended preparation

Some familiarity with literary and cultural theory

Class assignments and grading

Seminar presentations, participation, and final paper

Evaluation of seminar presentations, participation, and final paper

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