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James E. Augerot
Seattle Campus

Bibliography and Research Methods

Introduction to bibliographic and other scholarly resources in field; development of research techniques. Some use of relevant language required. Required of all first-year MAIS students. Offered: A.

Class description

The aim of this course is to provide incoming REECAS MA students with a basic intellectual foundation for graduate-level study of Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia. This goal will be pursued through a historical exploration of some of the key issues underlying social and political change throughout the region: the collapse of empires and rise of nations, the impact of Stalinism, the dynamics of ethnic conflict and cooperation, and the challenges of postcommunist democratization and marketization. While I will attend all sessions and coordinate the course overall, several of our main themes will be covered by other specialists from the REECAS faculty: Michael Biggins, Head, Slavic and East European Section, UW Libraries; Steve Pfaff, Associate Professor, Sociology; James Felak, Professor, History, and TBD. Thus, you will get some sense for the diversity of views, disciplines, and approaches within our program.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 07/18/2011