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Richard O. Zerbe
PB AF 542
Seattle Campus

The Law and Economics of Regulation

Examines the principles and practices of regulatory environments.

Class description

The conflict between individual freedom and economic regulation is as old as society itself. Regulation can serve special interests, can serve the organic state rather than the needs of the people, and can reduce or enhance economic efficiency. What principles can be found in regulations’ history and in reason to set its proper course? This class attempts to discover whether such principles exist and, if so, what they might be. It considers the role of benefit cost analysis, of whether or not the concept of “public interest” has any meaning, of politics and lobbying. Particularly this class looks at the role of the courts and the legal system. It addresses such questions as why regulation arises, what has been its history, to what abuses has it been subject, is regulation necessary and if so why and when, and what is an appropriate direction for regulatory reform.

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