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Instructor Class Description

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Diana Fletschner
PB AF 533
Seattle Campus

Economics of International Development

Introduction to sustainable international development and its physical, human, social, and natural capital components. Students examine the new growth theories and evidence, and their relationship to democracy, trade, and other policies and institutions. Topics include income distribution, poverty, and the environment.

Class description

This course is organized around three related questions: (1) What is economic development, how do we measure it and how do countries differ?; (2) What can explain these differences?; (3) Who are the different actors involved and what can they do?

It is important to begin by defining what it is we are hoping to accomplish (what is economic development) and why we think it differs among countries. Theories about what underlies the differences will guide what policies you believe affect these outcomes.

By examining these questions and looking at how different countries and regions fare you will get an overview of the major issues and current debates in development economics, and domestic and international policy responses.

My goal is for you to be comfortable with the jargon of development economics and to be able to think analytically about development problems using some of the most basic tools of economics.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Regular attendance and quality participation in class (20%); Thought Paper ( 10%); Development Pattern Numerical Exercise (10%); Virtual Economy Policy Simulation (10%); Book review (10%); Group research paper and presentation (40%)

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