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Susan L. Joslyn
Seattle Campus

Advances in Cognition/Perception

Intensive readings from the current literature on an emerging topic or theoretical perspective in cognition/perception. Prerequisite: graduate standing in psychology, or permission of instructor.

Class description

This is a 3-credit graduate advances seminar on working memory. Working memory, roughly synonymous with consciousness, is considered the workbench of the mind. As such, constraints and characteristics of Working Memory have direct implications for how we solve problems, make decisions and even, some say, for intelligence in general. Readings for the first several sessions will focus on Baddeley's working memory model and the evidence that supports it. Other planned seminar topics include verbal memory, visual/spatial memory, executive control, dysexecutive syndrome, individual differences in working memory and the effects of training. The seminar will conclude by examining alternative models of working memory. In addition to weekly readings, students are required to submit two questions per week for discussion and moderate the discussion for a topic once or twice during the quarter. NOTE: with permission this course can be substituted for required courses such as Psych 507 Core Concepts in Cognitive Psychology

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Date: 09/06/2013