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Margaret Levi
POL S 588
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in Comparative Political Economy

Examination of current topics in the theory and practice of comparative political economy. Content varies according to recent developments in the field and research interests of the instructor.

Class description

Description: This course will use a political economy perspective to consider what produces stable and enduring states. Some of the topics covered include the components of a trustworthy government, the role played by rule of law, and the nature of the non-coercive institutions that matter for enabling a state to gain the compliance of its citizens.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Cooperation without Trust? Karen S. Cook, Russell Hardin, & Margaret Levi READINGS:

Architects of Political Change Norman Schofield

Democracy and Rule Of Law Jose Maria Maravall & Adam Przeworski, eds.

The Endurance of National Constitutions [Paperback] Zachary Elkins, Tom Ginsburg, and James Melton

Margaret Levi Consent, Dissent, and Patriotism

When Things Fall Apart Robert H. Bates

Wars, Guns and Votes Paul Collier

Dan Slater Ordering Power

Timothy Frye Building States and Markets after Communism pb

Participation in the seminar Final paper

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