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Aseem Prakash
POL S 522
Seattle Campus

International Political Economy

Theories of international political economy. Focuses on the emergence and development of the modern world system, the transition from feudalism to capitalism, and the institution of the nation-state system. Examines the political economy of trade, investment, and the international division of labor from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Prerequisite: POL S 521.

Class description

Description. This seminar will review key issues in contemporary IPE scholarship. We will focus on topics that are theoretically and empirically interesting, and have attracted scholarly attention. Instead of focusing on the classics, we will review the recent scholarship that has appeared in top political science/IR journals as well as in economics and sociology journals. This exposure should give you a sense of the trajectory of the IPE field. I hope this seminar will help you develop ideas for research paper(s), and perhaps for your dissertation.

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General method of instruction

Prerequisite: POL S 521

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