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Robert Farley
POL S 324
Seattle Campus

Europe in World Politics

Independent and coordinated efforts of Britain, France, and West Germany to adapt to the post-World War II global system. Creation and development of the Atlantic Alliance. Relations with postcommunist states. Decolonization and the evolution of relations with the Third World. The movement for European integration. Recommended: POL S 203.

Class Description

Description. This course examines how Europe has shaped and been shaped by world politics. Specifically, we will examine the impact of colonialism, total war, ideological conflict, and integration. We will assume some knowledge of international political theory, and will deal at length with European history in the twentieth century.

Mechanics: Evaluation will consist of three six page papers and a in-class final.

Recommended preparation

Readings Ornamentalism, David Cannadine; The Choice for Europe, Andrew Moravcsik; Europe and the People Without History, Eric Wolf; The Cold War: The Essential Readings, Klaus Larres. Reading Packet.

Class Assignments and Grading

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