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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Ann E Nelson
PHYS 555
Seattle Campus

Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics

Big bang cosmology; relativistic world models and classical tests; background radiation; cosmological implications of nucleosynthesis; baryogenesis; inflation; galaxy and large-scale structure formation; quasars; intergalactic medium; dark matter.

Class description

Big bang cosmology; Cosmic microwave background radiation; nucleosynthesis; baryogenesis; inflation; seeds of galaxy and large-scale structure formation; dark matter, dark energy.

Student learning goals

Become familiar with our current state of knowledge about the types of energy in the universe, and their effect on cosmology

How we know what we know about Big Bang Cosmology and the composition of the universe

Understand the evidence that the early Universe went through a period of inflationary expansion, which produced the seeds of inhomogeneities that grew into galaxies and structure

General method of instruction

lectures, class discussion, readings, problem sets.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

weekly short problem sets

100% of the grade is based on the problem sets.

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