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Ann E Nelson
PHYS 518
Seattle Campus

Quantum Mechanics

Continuation of PHYS 517. Modern non-relativistic quantum mechanics. The character of the theory illustrated both with physical examples and with conceptual problems. Topics include: atomic structure, scattering processes, density operator description of mixed states, and measurement theory. Abstract operator methods emphasized in the exposition of angular momentum, scattering, and perturbation theory. Offered: W.

Class description

A major focus this quarter is symmetries. Particularly emphasized is the rotation group and its consequences for angular momentum. Students will learn how to add angular momenta and use the Wigner Eckart Theorem. Also important will be 3D problems and problems with more than 1 particle, including some atomic physics examples. Other symmetries discussed will be parity, time reversal, translations in space and time, and internal symmetries. Stationary and time dependent perturbation theory will be developed, and selection rules derived.

Depending on student interest, we may spend a week on Bell inequalities and interpretations of quantum mechanics

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