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Jason D. Benchimol
PHIL 242
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Medical Ethics

Introduction to ethics, primarily for first- and second-year students. Emphasizes philosophical thinking and writing through an in-depth study of philosophical issues arising in the practice of medicine. Examines the issues of medical ethics from a patient's point of view.

Class description

This course uses the tools of moral philosophy to investigate the ethical, social, and political dimensions of biomedicine. Topics may include euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, new reproductive technologies, medical conscientious objection, justice in health care, definitions of health, disability, and disease, human reproductive cloning, the right to refuse treatment, and disability rights critiques of certain contemporary medical practices. This course has no prerequisites. Background in philosophy or medicine, while helpful, is neither assumed nor required. What is required is a willingness to read our course materials carefully, to think critically about ethical issues in modern medicine, to practice defending your opinions with arguments, and to respectfully yet critically evaluate others’ opinions in class discussion. TEXT: No Textbook Required

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