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Tara Bethanne Coffin
PHG 200
Seattle Campus

Implications of Public Health Genomics for the Modern World

Introduces the field of public health genomics through examples of genetic, ethical, political, and social issues emerging in the wake of the Human Genome Project. Students develop the skills to analyze and critique public health, clinical, personal, and social implications resulting from emerging genomic technologies. Offered: A.

Class description

In this course, offered by the Institute for Public Health Genetics, we will be learning and discussing how genetic developments are actively changing the world around us and how genes and genetics continue to fascinate, connect and divide human society. The course surveys compelling genetic and social issues emerging in the wake of the Human Genome Project. For example, many fresh genomic applications have ethical, societal, political and legal dimensions that are only just beginning to be appreciated. This course will develop students’ ability to analyze these dimensions, and to evaluate new genetic technologies that are currently being developed in the marketplace. We’ll use perspectives from public health, clinical medicine, anthropology, law, ethics and social studies to investigate the hopes and hype presented by genomics In weekly discussion sections, students will review, discuss, and go more into depth into the ethical, legal, social, and scientific issues brought up in readings and lectures.

Student learning goals

Define and interpret the fundamental underpinnings of genetics and genomics

Describe the relationship and impacts of genomics on public health

Identify risks and benefits of genomic innovations

Evaluate the public health, clinical, and social utility of genomic innovations

Critically analyze media presentations that present genetic science and its applications

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 09/18/2013