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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

George Martin
PATH 499
Seattle Campus

Undergraduate Research


Class description

Laboratory research involving semi-quantitative immunohistochemistry of mammalian tissues

Student learning goals

1) Basic principles of microscopy

2) Basic principles of immunohistochemistry

3) Familiarity of hardward and software in the Keck Center of Microscopy, Univ. of Washington

4) Development of skills for small group presentations of research, including appropriate use of PowerPoint presentations

5) Beginning familiarity with implications of the research for the pathogenesis of human diseases associated with aging.

General method of instruction


Recommended preparation

General background in biology and biochemistry

Class assignments and grading

Discussions of objectives of the research, methodologies, tabulation of results and interpretations of results.

a mix of oral and verbal reports on progress

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Last Update by George Martin
Date: 03/16/2011