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Instructor Class Description

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Jennifer J Tucci
NUTR 300
Seattle Campus

Nutrition for Today

Science of nutrition as it relates to individual food choices, health behaviors, public health. Health topics include wellness, obesity, eating disorders, sports nutrition, prevention of chronic disease. Nutrients and nutritional needs across the lifespan. Issues facing society including food safety, biotechnology, use of supplements and botanicals. Offered: A.

Class description


The basic principles of human nutrition are examined, emphasizing the nutrients, their food sources, and their utilization in the body for health and development throughout the life cycle. This course focuses on the practical application of nutrition science in disease prevention, healthy aging, weight management and general health, while also considering the psychological, social and environmental influences on food choices.

Student learning goals

- Describe and categorize the functions of macronutrients and micronutrients, and identify sources of each

- Describe diet and lifestyle factors associated with the risk of various chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis

- Compare dietary needs for different stages of life

- Translate nutrition science concepts into specific and easy-to-understand dietary recommendations

- Evaluate the scientific relevancy of nutrition messages available on the Internet and other media

- Apply your knowledge of nutrition, dietary guidelines, and the relationship between diet and health as you assess your own diet and diet-related health risks

General method of instruction

Online (no campus attendance required). NUTR300 is offered every quarter online through UW Professional and Continuing Education, which administers the UW distance learning program. It is the 3-credit version of the course but registration must be completed through UW PCE. To register, please visit the following web page and scroll down for upcoming sections:

Recommended preparation


Class assignments and grading

Weekly lesson assignments (case studies, critical thinking exercises and nutrition analysis), personal diet analysis project, and online discussions.

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Date: 05/29/2013