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Elizabeth Kirk
NUTR 300
Seattle Campus

Nutrition for Today

Science of nutrition as it relates to individual food choices, health behaviors, public health. Health topics include wellness, obesity, eating disorders, sports nutrition, prevention of chronic disease. Nutrients and nutritional needs across the lifespan. Issues facing society including food safety, biotechnology, use of supplements and botanicals. Offered: A.

Class description

The landscape of nutritional sciences ranges from interpreting the information on a food label, to understanding how food is used to fuel our bodies, to appreciating the role of foods in preventing or increasing one’s risk of chronic disease. This course is designed to introduce you to these and other aspects of the field of nutrition and to highlight how nutritional knowledge can affect individual food choices, health behaviors, and public health decision-making. Topics to be discussed include nutrients and nutritional needs across the lifespan, nutrition and physical activity, eating disorders, and prevention of chronic disease.

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Date: 09/03/2008