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Christina Sunardi
Seattle Campus

Preceptorial Readings in Ethnomusicology

Significant ethnomusicological literature on the music cultures of Asia. Meets with MUSIC 316. Prerequisite: graduate student standing in ethnomusicology and permission of instructor.

Class description

This course is taught in conjunction with Music 316A, in which we will examine music, dance, and theater in four Asian countries: Japan, China, India, and Indonesia. Connecting our explorations of the cultural contexts, histories and conventions of the performing arts in these places is a question: What does it mean for musicians, dancers and puppeteers to perform “traditional” arts in a “modern,” “global” world? As we try to answer this question, we will consider how performers categorize genres of the performing arts, their ideas about innovation, and the ways they talk about “tradition” and “authenticity.”

In 533A, we will also investigate the implications that orientalism, nationalism, and the construction of geographic boundaries have for ethnomusicological research.

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