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Instructor Class Description

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Jonathan W Bernard
Seattle Campus

History of Theory

Classic, romantic, twentieth century.

Class description

The focus of Music 528 in its Autumn 2013 offering will be theories of harmony in the twentieth century. The organization of the course is mainly chronological, beginning with the earliest attempts to account systematically for the vastly expanded palette of chords in late nineteenth-century music and continuing with the effects of further expansion, beyond the bounds of common-practice tonality, in the music of the first half of the twentieth century. Authors to be read and studied include: Bernhard Ziehn, Arthur Hull, Rene Lenormand, Arnold Schoenberg, Alois Haba, Ernst Bacon, Paul Hindemith, Olivier Messiaen, George Perle, Howard Hanson, and Allen Forte.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

The course is conducted as a seminar, with general discussion and assigned presentations.

Recommended preparation

There are no formal prerequisites, other than a solid grasp of "core" harmonic theory of the common-practice (tonal) period, such as is usually conveyed by the sequence of theory courses for undergraduate music majors.

Class assignments and grading

Reading; orally delivered summaries; short analytical assignments; substantial final paper

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