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Uta G. Poiger
Seattle Campus

Modern European History: Germany

Class description

One of the most important questions for historians of 19th- and 20th century Germany has been whether Germans developed a properly modern nation. This course will introduce students to major developments in the historiography of modern Germany by studying how different scholars have defined modernity and how these visions have shaped their assessments of various periods in German history. In this context we will also ask how scholars have weighted the categories of class, ethnicity and gender, and why "identity" has recently become such a concern. Topics include modernization in Imperial Germany; the German empire abroad; Weimar--a crisis of classical modernity?; the "modern" woman; modernity and the Holocaust; West and East German reconstruction; and the Cold War and its aftermath.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Weekly readings; introduction of readings for two seminar sessions; active participation in seminar discussions; analytical book review; 15-20 page historiographical essay

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Date: 10/25/2004