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Craig H. Allen
SMA 515
Seattle Campus

U.S. Coastal and Ocean Law

Study of the legal framework in the United States controlling allocation and use of coastal and marine resources. Topics include coastal zone management, fisheries management, protection of marine mammals and endangered species, marine pollution, offshore oil and gas development, and marine transportation. Offered: jointly with LAW B 565.

Class description

The U.S. has more than 95,000 miles of coastline. The U.S. marine exclusive economic zone is the largest and arguably the richest in the world. U.S. coastal waters support a diverse ecosystem, provide essential habitat for numerous marine protected species, serve as a vital highway for waterborne trade, produce much needed food and energy and provide unparalleled recreation opportunities. Increasingly, however, the U.S. coastal and ocean zone is coming under increasing stress from conflicting use of waterways, habitat alterations, overfishing and pollution. This course examines U.S. constitutional, statutory, administrative and common law sources that govern multiple uses of the coastal and ocean zone and its resources. Fir 2009, the emphasis will be on the "wet" side of ocean and coastal law.

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Class assignments and grading

Final grades will be based on a comprehensive final examination. A sample exam from a prior year (when the course was 4 credits, and referring to an earlier edition of the books) is available at (you will be prompted to enter your UW Net ID).

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